Chapter 1: Tom Before Mianite

Tom "Cassell" Syndicate born on June 23rd and was abandon by his parents before he could even see them. Tom never felt loved, never thought he could fit in. One day, he had enough, he couldn't live anymore. He stood on top of his building and looked down, as he was thinking he said to himself "What is the point of living?" As he thought he he fell into the abyss. The abyss of his soul.

Chapter 2: How Tom met Mianite

Tom suicide he died. How you ask he died but still went to Mianite? Well... let me finish. Tom was in the hospital, no one visited him, he just laid in his bed. Dead. The doctors didn't even try to help, they looked and stared. The doctors knew his faith. Tom died the next night. But he was greeted by someone, not someone that was visible to all but only to certain people, people that has gifts, even if those gifts were bad. "Greetings Tom" As Tom stared in at the mysterious figure he wondered "Why?" As the figure continued talking "Would you want another chance at life? A chance to redo all the bad things? All the stuff he hated, take all you ever wanted?" Tom stared, he nodded. "Let's go then" Tom could see a faint smile, the figure disappeared and Tom was in a new land.

Chapter 3: Tom discovers a new land

As Tom look around in awe, he finally felt something, happiest. People always talked about how happy they were around Tom, but tom never felt it, never understood what it was. But now... He does. He understood what it meant to be happy. For the first time in forever, Tom smiled. He loved the smell of the caves, of the land. He loved everything about it until one day... He meant another person. Tom hated people, they mock him he hated him and Tom hated them. As the man talked up to Tom, he greeted Tom with a smile and a handshake. The man asked "Have you met our lord and savior: Lord Mianite? Also may I have your name good sir?" Tom stood silent. They stood there... "My name is Tucker by the way" The man said smiling. Tom said "My name is Tom. Who is Lord Mianite? Was it the figure I saw before I was about to die?" Tucker gasped "You almost died?" Tom didn't want to tell him about anything else. Tom wanted a new start. "Well we got all got here in different ways!" Tucker said. "We?" Tom asked. Tucker nodded. "Well I must he going now! Good to see you!" Tucker waved as he left. Tom stared at him, as he walked into the sunset. Another first, Tom liked another Human Being.

Chapter 4: Tom meets Dianite

A few weeks later, Tom and Tucker has gotten friendlier over the pass few weeks. They moved in together and Tom barley remembered his life before he went to Mianite. Later that evening, Tucker had to go and gather resources and pray to Mianite. While Tucker was doing that Tom got a surprise visit. Tom opened the door thinking it was Tucker. Tom didn't get a good look at the stranger but the stranger said something that Tom could never forget "You'll never forget the past" These words stuck in Tom's skull, thick, and stuck forever. "You'll never forget the past" He never could forget. Never. Tom tried to forget that ever happened and never talked to Tucker about it. He wanted to but he never had a friend, Tom thought if he told Tucker, Tucker would be mad at Tom and leave him and they would never be friend ever again. Tom always stayed in bed and thought about that one evening "You'll never forget the past" stuck, in his head. Forever.

Chapter 5: Deals with the Devil

As days pasted Tom still remembers but he tries to forget. Tom and Tucker had dinner and went to bed. Something woke him up "You'll never forget the past" it echoed in his head. He thought he could forget if he went for a midnight stroll. Tom felt a chill on his spine. Felt like someone was following him. He thought he was paranoid. He sat by the large tree by his house. Someone approached him. He thought it was Tucker, "Hey Tucks!" Tom shouted. It wasn't Tucker. Tom looked at the person, he wasn't afraid, he wanted to know who it was, he stayed. "Glad you stayed" said the figure. "Mianite?" Tom asked. The figure chuckled. "Don't mistaken me with that old fool, I'm the all powerful Dianite, Mianite younger brother" Tom again stood in awe. "You're more powerful than the Lord Mianite?" Tom asked. "Of course I am! I am Dianite! I am 10 times stronger than that mule, Hey. How about we make a deal." Dianite said. "A deal? Tom asked. "Yes, did you not hear me?" "Sorry Sir" "No need to call me sir, The All Mighty Dianite is fine enough" Yes The All Mighty Dianite" "I know what you want, I just wanted a simple price" "A price? You know my wishes?" "Yes Tom, do you accept?" Tom really wanted a car and to forget his past" Dianite held out his hand, Tom shook it. Tom started to float up into the skies, something was wrong, ever wrong. He made a deal with he devil. Tom's eyes started to glow Bloody Red, his whole body started to glow as the Devil laughed. Tucker was woken up and startled by the sound, he looked out the window and saw Tom, his soul was corrupted by the Devil. The night continued as Tom collapsed against the ground, from that day forward Tucker was afraid of Tom.

Chapter 6: Alone

The next day, Tucker left without Tom even knowing, he went to Lord Mianite and prayed to the gods that Tom would go back to his normal ways. But the gods could do anything about it, not even Ianite. Tom wasn't sad that Tucker left, the old Tom might but not this one. When Tom wanted something he would just go on his Black Stallion and hunt and bring back the meat of fresh dead animals. Dianite would then be pleased and grant Tom his wish. Tom mostly just hunted for Dianite. Tom had nothing better to do but hunt. Dianite would mostly be pleased if Tom got something from one of Mianite's followers, but Tucker would always get away. Tucker just wanted to get his friend back, but knew it could never happen.

Chapter 7: New People To Hate

While going to explore the island Tom met 9 new people: Sonja, Jordan, Adam, Hex, Champwan, Dec, Tony and Josh Modestep and hated everyone of them. They tried to befriend Tom but it seemed hopeless. Tom just sat in a corner thinking about his evil plans. Adam pranked Tom to try to get him in a laugh/happy mood but it just made him madder, but Jordan was determined to befriend Tom. Jordan tried and tried and tried, giving him gifts and present. But it never seems to work. Even the most determined person on the island couldn't convince Tom to be his friend. Tucker was sad and depressed. It was sad to see Tom worship the devil and ignore his true friend. The true Tom looked out from the fake Tom's eyes and cried, seeing how nice people were and in return he just denied all of it.

Chapter 8: The War Has Begun

Tucker was no where to be found. But it didn't stop Tom, Tom collected materials and prayed to Dianite for weapons and armor to go to war. Tom walked up to Jordan's house, pulled out his Flint and Steel and looked at it. "Bad choice of wood" He said then lit it on fire, luckily Jordan wasn't home to get burnt alive. After than, Tom ran away. Next was Dec, Dec was a worshiper of Mianite, Tom hated Mianite. Tom found Dec's secret place, it was beautiful, just not to Tom. It was made out of Cobblestone and stone so he couldn't burn it down. So his easier choice was to booby trap everything, and I mean everything, Dianite gave him a lot of stuff and not all of those stuff was for war. He booby trapped all the entrance to the place, and there was a lot but Tom was determined to get everything booby trapped. When Dec would sleep in his bed, the bed would hold him down with ropes and had a pressure plate by his bed to activate pistons and and kill him in lava, and there was many more where that came from. He ran and ran and ran to Adam's house, Adam's house was hard to find not because it was secret it was because Adam didn't have a house, so he had to go and find Adam and kill him personally or trap him in a place. He found Adam but Adam was geared it was going to be hard to trap him, but luckily Adam was napping by a tree, so Tom started digging and digging, be placed water at the bottom, he didn't want to kill Adam, just hurt him, a lot. He them carried Adam into the hole and covered up the top. Then he returned to his house. Then went in an Evil Slumber.

Chapter 9: The War Has Ended

When Tom woke up everyone but Tucker was outside of Tom's House, he couldn't esciape from the back so he had to confront them. "Well well well, I see you found your presents" Jordan who used to be the happiest person on the island looked sad and angry. They all pulled out a Bow waiting to strike. "What are you waiting for? Shoot me already!" Tom shouted. Tom heard a noise but didn't care to look. He teleported, then pasted out. It was Tucker! Tom was strapped a chair. "Get me out of here you idiot!" Tom shouted. "Tom, do you remember me?" Tucker asked faintly. "Of course I do! You're my best friend! Now get me out of this chair!" Tom shouted again. Tucker was so happy he was in tears then hugged Tom. Tucker untied Tom and Tom hugged him back. "Now lets go home" Tom told him and Tucker couldn't be happier.

Chapter 10: Back Flash

Tucker told Tom about everything, when his soul was corrupted to right now. "What? I didn't do all that stuff!" Tom said "Not that I know of" He whispered. "Dianite must have brain washed you! Whatever I'm still glad you're back" Tucker said as he hugged Tom. When Tucker left a few moments later Dianite appeared. "So you now know..." Dianite said. "I do! and I don't want to be apart of it anymore! I'm not your little pawn in a game of chess anymore!" Tom said almost to tears. "Remember our deal? You sold your soul to me, no back out now" Dianite said would a wicked grin. "I'll just ask Mianite to come and free me!" Tom said proudly. "I already told you, I'm more powerful than that old fool. If he freed you he would be break Rule #34 "Freeing something that was not meant to be freed" Basically you're my property, I owned you" Dianite with a mighty roar. Then he disappeared. Even if he sold his soul to the devil, Tucker and everyone else was fine with him. Even though they were oppisite sides. Tom did do something evil once every week so Dianite wouldn't kill him. But it was fine Tom was finally happy with his life and he make many new friend that love him and loves them.

Side Stories:

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